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Welcome to BeadBuddies Bead3 Blog! You will find all kinds of wonderful information about our newest free beading patterns and our newest beads and beading supplies.  We are constantly adding new beads, findings, tools, and beading supplies. We also have a great selection of free beading patterns.  Our Free Pattern Center has fully illustrated instructions for creating your own beaded jewelry.  We have free patterns for beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Woodland Fantasy Beaded Bracelet Free Pattern

Posted by Rod Connors on 2/20/2020 to Free Jewelry Patterns

Woodland Fantasy Bracelet
Free Jewelry Making Pattern

By Kim Connors -

Woodland Fantasy Bracelet Free Beaded Jewelry Making Pattern

12 inches of Silver Buddy Braids Beading Wire 
1 ½ inches of Antique Silver-Plated 6x4mm Cable Chain 
1 - Antique Silver-Plated 15x8mm Lobster Clasp
1 - Antique Silver-Plated 5mm Jump Ring
2 - Antique Silver-Plated 2mm Crimp Tubes
1 - Antique Silver-Plated Ball Pin 
12 - Antique Silver-Plated 7.5x2mm Beaded Rondelles
6 - Rhyolite Large Semiprecious Nuggets
8 – Celsian 8mm Crystal Bicones

Step One - Prepare the Extension Chain:

1.  Create crystal drop for the end of chain by adding 1 - Celsian 8mm Bicone to a ball pin.  Using a pair of round nose pliers create a 90° bend in the ball pin above the crystal.  Holding the ball pin where you created the bend wrap the ball pin around the pliers to create a loop.  Then wrap the ball pin around itself below the loop as many times as you can.  Trim the excess ball pin you could not wrap around.  


2.  Twist open the 5mm jump ring.  Add the loop of the crystal drop you just created and the last loop of one end of the cable chain.  Twist the jump ring closed.  


Step Two - Create Bracelet:

1. Take one end of your Buddy Braids wire and thread 1 crimp tube approximately an inch from the end.  Thread the loop of your lobster clasp.  Thread the end back through the crimp tube.  Using crimping pliers (or any pliers you have) squeeze the crimp tube about a 1/8th of an inch away from the clasp.  Leave the excess you will thread the beads over both ends.


2. String the following:

a. 1 - Celsian 8mm Crystal Bicone, 1 - Antique Silver-Plated 7.5x2mm Beaded Rondelle,  1 - Rhyolite Large Semiprecious Nugget, and 1 - Antique Silver-Plated 7.5x4mm Beaded Rondelle.

b. Repeat pattern in step(a.) FIVE times.  This will make a larger bracelet, if you would like a smaller one only repeat the pattern four times.
c. 1 - Celsian 8mm Crystal Bicone.

3.  Thread a crimp tube and the last loop of the extension chain that does not have the crystal drop.

4. Take your Buddy Braids and string back through the crimp bead.  String the Buddy Braids back through several beads.  Pull the Buddy Braids tight making the chain link close to the crimp bead.  While holding the Buddy Braids use your pliers and squeeze the crimp bead so the Buddy Braids will not pull out.  Trim the extra Buddy Braids.


You’re done!!  This kit will make a bracelet that is 9 inches to 10 ½ inches long.  If you need a smaller bracelet I recommend repeating the pattern only four times.  To close the bracelet simply hook  your clasp to any loop on the chain.  If you need the bracelet to be smaller leave off several beads from either side!!

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