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Welcome to BeadBuddies Bead3 Blog! You will find all kinds of wonderful information about our newest free beading patterns and our newest beads and beading supplies.  We are constantly adding new beads, findings, tools, and beading supplies. We also have a great selection of free beading patterns.  Our Free Pattern Center has fully illustrated instructions for creating your own beaded jewelry.  We have free patterns for beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Change is Good!

Posted by Kim Connors on 2/14/2015 to News

Change is good, that is my new mantra.  Rod and I have been selling beads, findings, and jewelry kits online for over 10 years now.  I have no idea where the time has gone, but it really has been 10 years!  As hard as I have tried to fight them, so many things have changed since we started.  Believe it or not we started BeadBuddies selling little beaded animals I was making.  It was slow going back then and materials were so hard to find.  The Internet was still relatively young and buying and selling online was a pretty new invention.  

Rod said we should start selling the beads I was looking for because other people were probably trying to find them on the Internet too.  Well, that was not in my business plan.  Selling beads seemed risky and we both already had regular full-time jobs.  I thought we would have to spend a lot of money on inventory and might not sell anything.  However, I had faith in my business partner and we went for it.  That is when we found our niche and within 2 years we both had to quit our regular jobs to work on BeadBuddies full-time! 

Change was always harder for me.  Rod would say, “What about adding this type of bead or finding?”  I would always be nervous about giving it a try.  However, his choices would usually be a hit with our customers!  We would usually stick to adding beads I knew how to work with and that I could create new jewelry kits with.

Recently we knew it was time for more change.  All of the beading magazines were featuring smaller beads like Delicas, Rocailles, and lots and lots of two-hole beads.  I have to admit, at first I was afraid, I thought, “How will I be able to make new beautiful designs even close to the magnificent things I was seeing?”  I wanted to fight this change, wondering how I could work these Superduos and Triangle Beads into my designs.   I have been experimenting with these lovely new beads that Rod keeps buying.  Hopefully soon I will be able to share some ideas with you all. 

The biggest change of all has been the addition of the website.  I love our website.  Rod designed it from scratch and has added thousands of pages since its inception 10 years ago.  It is like our child and the thought of adding another site was terrifying.  However, after working with this new site I am in love with it too!  It makes shopping so much easier for our customers and that makes me very happy!!  Adding items is so much easier and faster.  That’s why I have been able to add my newest jewelry kits here already. 

We will be adding our free patterns to this site also so I can share my jewelry designs and ideas with everyone.  That is one of my favorite things.  If I am able to share an idea or teach something new it is just great!  So really, change is good!!  Sometimes we need a push but the rewards can be fantastic!!  Please keep checking back with us as we add new beads, findings, jewelry kits, and free beading patterns!

I would also like to say a Big Thank You to all of our customers whether you have been with us since the beginning or just starting out with us.  You have made this dream a reality for us and we will always be grateful!!! 

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